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Ninja First Kiss by abbydepp Ninja First Kiss by abbydepp
Disclaimer: I don't own the characters or these pictures.
This chapter is actually based on two pictures: [link] and [link]! Great artwork!

"Why couldn't I do it?" Katara screamed, throwing another jet of water at a nearby tree. "He killed my mother! I should have unleash hurt on him times ten!"
Zuko was standing near her, letting the water bender have her rant. They had just came from the Southern Raiders, Katara had just confronted the man who had killed her father. She hadn't been able to kill the man, instead she had let him go. To say the least, Katara was angry that she couldn't avenge her mother.
At this moment, they were in a forest with a lake nearby - letting Appa drink before their long trip back. The rain had stopped and Zuko had made a fire, he thought at first that Katara would be fine. Up until a few moments ago, she hadn't uttered a word about the man she had set free. Now, she was getting her anger out.
"I don't understand! Why couldn't I do it?" Katara yelled again, breaking the tree in half with another whip of water, "I had him on the ground, scared, helpless! And then I walked away!"
"Katara," Zuko sighed standing up, even though the angry woman in front of him didn't like him, he felt the need to help her, "You did the right thing. Your mother would be proud."
He shouldn't of said that.
Katara whirled around to face him, she hit his chest a few times before grabbing onto the black cloth of his shirt. "Proud?" She growled looking him in the eye, "Proud? She would be ashamed of me, my mother would've wanted me to end that mans life!"
"No, she wouldn't." Zuko replied calmly, seeing the tears that ran out of her eyes made his heart ache. He frowned, wanting the water bender to be happy. Why did he feel like this? Because he was now her friend, Zuko's thoughts assured him, but no. Friends don't act like this, do they? He thought as his hand came up to cup her cheek, wiping the tears away.
"How would you know what she wanted?" Katara yelled again, her grip on his shirt loosening.
"Because," He took a breath in, choosing his words carefully, "I know how it feels to loose a mother. I know that my mother would not want me to go around killing people until I found the one that banished her..."
While in his speech, Zuko found himself moving his head down towards hers. His eyes watched her as he felt her hands go flat against his chest.
"Zuko... what are you doing...?" Her voice sounded shocked as she watched him. His golden eyes met her blue ones for just a moment. What was he doing? His body was moving without his control, but he couldn't get enough of her; the olive skin, the long flowing brown hair still wet from rain, her sapphire blue eyes, her hands sending electric shocks into his body from where she touched him -everything to him shouted out Katara!
He answered her question by gently pushing his lips down onto hers. Katara gasped, a short intake of breath, before her eyes closed and her hands moved to the back of Zuko's neck- pulling him closer. Her body surrendered against him, as their lips together sent sparks through her boy, making her toes curl.
Zuko continued to kiss her, wanting her to feel the fire that had engulfed his heart. He wanted her to feel it, he wanted her to feel the same, he wanted her. And still Zuko kissed her, not knowing if he would be able to stop. His free hand wrapped around waist to pull her fully against him just when Katara pulled away.
Her hand went up to her mouth, touching it lightly as her lips tingled, "What are we doing?"
Zuko shook his head, "I don't know, but it feels right." He whispered before ducking his head to kiss her again, he smiled when she didn't pull away but stepped closer.
A/N: Thanks for reading!
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